Create your own affiliate program. Now you can get others to market their products and services, and you pays a percentage of every sale they get! 5.

Create a teleclass, seminar, workshop or other event. This may be once or treat a variety of classes. (But if you do this, be sure they’re registered so you can sell them later.) The good thing about this advice is that it is a good mix. You can reach groups of people at once and at the same time providing a personal touch. 6. A license of its programs or services. That is, if an idea works in your business, worked in the business of others (for example, a trainer can provide tools license or program to other coaches.) Do not know much about it, but (Miguel lopez aguirre) sells a program that can teach you how. 7.

Create a paid site. Not only will you be getting regular income each month, but also is building its database of customers – people who are interested in buying their products and services. It is much easier to sell to people who are already customers to find new ones. Please visit Ripple if you seek more information. 8. Start a continuity program. This is similar to a site where members pay a monthly fee for a product or service. Maybe you create a monthly paid subscription newsletter that offers coaching calls and interviews with successful people. Whatever, it’s something that people find valuable enough to pay a small, but regular monthly fee. 9. Sell ads on your website or e-zine or whatever. This probably will not make anyone rich, but it could become a small stream of revenue based upon how many people are looking for in your e-zine or web site. 10. Use Adsense. This is when you allow Google to place pay per click ads to your website or blog. In return, each time someone clicks on one of those ads, Google will pay you a percentage. Excellent program, eh? Anyway, I think this is a method that has to be a bit careful because most of the time people will click off your website and that’s not a good thing (especially knowing that it will go one of its competitors). But sometimes this is very appropriate. For example, perhaps you have developed a website or blog about a hobby. Creativity Exercise – Find time to create multiple revenue streams is probably the hardest part of creating multiple revenue streams is to find the time, especially when their main activity is based on services. So, now we know how important it is, how will you find the time to start doing it? Here are some ideas for you to consider: * Hire a virtual assistant (VA). * Create systems in your company so you can complete business tasks faster and more efficiently. * Increase your prices so that you may have fewer customers and make more money. * Devote a Saturday or Sunday to work on your business. (Be aware that you could end very soon burned.) Bring a pen and paper and write some ideas to see how you can find more time to begin to create more sources of income.

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