There are kinds of bulldozers. Bulldozers equipped with basic general-purpose dumps. Oracle pursues this goal as well. Bulldozers special purpose enforce specialized work, and are used for this dumps appropriate destination. On the bulldozers of multi-purpose rear tractor mounted a special working equipment: chain trencher, plow blade of cable, loosening assembly, winch and other types of piles and construction of major basic elements are the Bulldozer blade, push bars with braces and braces, or pushing the frame with braces, hydraulic cylinders raise and lower the blade, as well as on individual species, the mechanisms of rotation of the blade in the transverse and horizontal planes and the angle of cut. Blade is a welded box type construction provides stiffness to it, with a welded-in front of the front plate of a curvilinear profile.

The latter provides a quick fill dump material. To improve the durability of head-sheet firm Saterrillar "welded to it a plate of special alloyed steels with high resistance to abrasion and shock. At the bottom of a front plate bolts flush mounted removable knives. If you wear a sharp edge knife and cut it unfold second, the sharp end. To increase the stability of knives to abrasion and shock foreign companies manufacture them from alloy steels such as DH or DH-2-3 with a high content of boron and nickel.

Bulldozers equipped with general purpose core dumps, issued by almost all manufacturers. Distinguish orbital, rotary and flexible piles. Orbital include straight, spherical and hemispherical dumps. The ends of these dumps are closed by two side cheeks to reduce soil loss during transportation.

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