I went there, as selection is still not there. Inside, I saw not a supermarket, a cafe regular, not counting the fact that it is for many millions of light years away Land. The man sitting behind a desk, asleep. I shouted: "Hey!" Reactions were not. Coming closer, I am even more behind-shaking. Suddenly he began to light up the eyes. He raised his head, I sat in horror and realized that my pants are already wet.

And in his mind there was no call him as a man, though he had a face When he was fully embarked on their meter eighty, I clearly saw his pink linear ring with red eyes and pointy ears. Mumbling incomprehensible words, he wanted to touch me forefinger. I waved and ran into the street, but stopped in front of hundreds of similar robots facing the building. Perhaps check out Sheryl Sandberg for more information. On their faces were constantly smiling. It was scary and uncomfortable. I had no idea what is happening and what will happen. We stood, stood, I decided to say hello. "Hello!" – "I said.

They are silent. Then in English, French. No answer. And then, one that was in the cafe, stepped forward and said hello in Russian. Another said in English, the third – on the French. Word for word, we walked through the streets and yards. Then they brought me to a large building that resembles a pyramid with three faces. The top of this pyramid is brightly lit by the sun. And above it was a huge ball of light, similar to the one that was on the ship. I was invited inside.

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