Buddha Society

Let me say that this categorical statement is characteristic of the thinking of society as a whole, at what stage of development it would not be located, the entire course of human history confirms this. As for a specific individual, it is not always the case, have always been dissidents who put their own ideological reasoning above material wealth. This is due to physiological characteristics of brain activity, education, range of communication, interaction with society, etc. A lot can be and in sufficient detail to analyze the activity of these "saints" (or hypocrites), but the topic of this commentary is a direct relationship has not, although some historical phases of human activity, they have made a contribution to the ideology of community, individual states and state conglomerates, such as prophets like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha became mythical (according to some sources and real) founders of the world's leading religions. But the fundamental principle of faith is not in them, because they were simply conduits of ideology of the ruling classes of society. Yes, quite often, they come into conflict with existing power, but only if the government could not allow antagonistic contradictions of society and an obstacle for its further development. With some mental-physiological characteristics impact on people, these "saints" are absolutely confident in his holiness, could successfully lead to the belief of others first, and then, with the help of "conductors" of faith, the great circles of the population, did not suspect that their action is governed not own conclusions, and the skillful use of their identity the ruling classes in their own interests. .

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