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Browser games are increasingly becoming a rival to classic online video games. The growth of the video game market increasingly takes place in the field of online games – where the market share rise disproportionately. Classic online games such as world of Warcraft sales decreases, while browser can vigorously. In 2009, the number of classic online players fell by nearly 200,000, the browser games won to 700,000 users. Sales of browser games 2009 amounted to EUR 46.4 million. The world’s largest provider of browser games, Bigpoint from Hamburg, Germany, has achieved the biggest part of it.

Total, Bigpoint has over 600 employees in 35 countries. And at the latest since then also “classic” games developers, such as recently the Berlin of Radon Labs (known among other things through the role-playing game Drakensang) by Browserspielanbietern how apply Bigpoint, the relevance of browser games at so-called core gamers arrived. About portals how and players can access quickly and without installation on exciting games. The game itself is free of charge in most cases, so-called in-game items enhance the gaming experience, however, ensuring faster success – for a fee, however. Some browser games offer monthly subscriptions that ensure players to be playful benefits not paid.

Sales of browser games is not while still at the level of the elaborately produced title of major publishers such as electronic arts or Blizzard. So Blizzard as a provider of successful MMOs world could implement Warcraft 2009 total $ 4.28 billion (3.1 billion euros) in the year, earnings were at $ 113 million (830 million euros). Blizzard is saved mainly by the successful business with world of Warcraft: publishers like electronic arts no longer have for some time in the profit zone and expel million loss. The profits from browser vendors work in comparison to the global players while modest – in contrast to many publishers in the classic games segment There are browser provider but at least in the profit zone. Bigpoint for 2010 sales had targeted around 100 million euros, the profit is likely to be very positive given the comparatively low development cost of browser games. Bigpoint around 200,000 euros invested in a browser, the profit is in most cases well above its costs through in-game items or subscriptions. The proliferation of smartphones and multimedia tablets increases the sales of the game provider. Now any high-quality mobile phone is Internet enabled, click portals how or a huge range of exciting browser game is available immediately. The market for games in the browser will increase further in the coming years.

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