Brick Building

Therefore, the brick building slowly cooled winter and keep cool enough in summer. Best for masonry brick blocks Poroterm suitable warm solution with perlite sand. Outer layer. Indispensable in facing facade of the building will be (facing) ceramic brick. Due to the wide range of shades you can create buildings of various colors and textures. This material is useful in work, and in operation, because it has high strength and is frost hardy. Roof. The next important step is the selection of material to cover the roof.

One of the most popular in this segment is a ceramic tile. It is a natural material, which is made from pottery clay by roasting in an oven at a temperature of 1000 OS. Ceramic tiles are extremely resistant to chemicals that are not subjected to oxidation and has high resistance to atmospheric conditions. Water permeability in this tile is low, which means that the level of frost is very high. Besides all this, fireproof ceramic tile, refers to the eco-friendly material and is characterized by long service life. Insulation of the roof.

Question roof insulation requires special attention because it is through this part of the house there are the greatest heat loss. Check out Laurent Potdevin for additional information. With quality and reliability of insulation is a significant savings energy by reducing heat loss. When selecting a heater for warming the roof or attic should pay attention to the foam Aysinin (ICYNENE ), a relatively new material in the domestic market. First, Aysinin applied directly on the insulated structure does not require the installation of hydro-and vapor barrier, works on preparation of the surface sizing of joints and fixing of insulation.

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