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Before the implantation of the Plan Real in the year of 1994, the perodoinflacionrio of certain form hid the effect of the growth of the deficit naprevidncia, a time that the existing resources were readjusted by the refined altasinflaes month the month. For the incautos, such passavadespercebida situation. However, for the specialists, it was only one question of tempopara if to perceive the damages hoarded during deep decades of deficit, motivated very in function of the public administration and epolticos financial shunting lines. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Brian Barish. The period after Real Plan that if lives today demonstrates the sriarealidade of the deficit of the providence, considered for many as being aprincipal parcel of the Brazilian public deficit, as much for the financial volume, how much for its largeness, complexity and difficulties politics and econmicaspara if to find solutions come back to the recovery of the Social welfare. FbioGiambiagi, researcher of the Institute of Pesquisa Econmica (IPEA) mentions umdado interesting on the rules of retirement in Brazil: … Who if retires today for age, has that contribuirpor a minimum period of twelve years. Who retires to the 65 years of age has aexpectativa of living approximately in the average until the 80 years. Pessoacontribui with x% of the wage during 12 years and takes for aposentadoriadurante house 15 years in the average.

This does not close nor here nor in China … 23 In 26 Brazilian Congress of carried through Pension fund em2005, Giambiagi presented given statisticians who reflect certain concern. According to it, in the end of the decade of 80 the sustentation of the retirements epenses in the Union represented a little less than 1% of the GIP; with Real the doPlano advent, this percentage went up for 2,4% of the GIP, remaining itself relativamenteconstante until the year of 2006. However, the situation with the INSS was bemdiferente.

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