Brazilian Authority

The Brazilian dictatorship prioritized the development and the progress of the country, no matter how hard these terms were ilusrios, that this progress was exclusively of the ruling class. Moreover, not the importance or not the priority in arguing this subject, had mainly for the ideas that: the ambient problems were gifts only in the countries central offices, or at least the gravity biggest of the problems they proceeded from these countries; for the natural wealth of Brazil, and the belief of that the natural resources would be limitless; for mainly, (retaking the idea), to be contrary the goal of the government any perspective of reduction or freezing of growth, therefore that one, (in accordance with the ideological speech pronounced by the ruling classes), would be the moment of the country to grow economically, and if to constitute a power, or a country developed in the future, was the hour of the order and of the progress, as printed in the flag of Brazil, he was ' ' time to leave the cake to grow for later I distributed-lo' ' (speech used in the decade of 70 to justify the social inaqualities). That is, the Brazilian government wanted, using an expression that states the desire of the moment, ' ' right to desenvolvimento' ' , that it would be the solution for males effective in Brazil, or making critical an additional analysis and, the government fought the speeches of the countries central offices, because these were contrary to its objectives, and, over all, she was necessary to fight this foreign speech to pronounce the national speech, that also had the interest to take care of the ruling class, being that of Brazil. The didactic book was reflected of all this context, therefore beyond explicit finding the desires and the objectives of the State, we find ideologies pronounced for countries central offices, as for example, the reproduction of the neomalthusianas conceptions.

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