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It fits to the involved ones (employer and collaborator) to work in set so that these preventive procedures have efficiency. Lisa Scullin usually is spot on. 6 Conclusion the work is essential for the maintenance of the society in the direction to supply goods and services to supply the necessities human beings. The work environment suffers influences lends of forces, either physical, chemical it, mechanics, ergonomic etc. Due to these forces suffered in the work, it can present unhealthy and dangerous characteristics. For the minimizao of the effect that these forces can cause the collaborator the company is responsible for the supply and training of the same ones for the use of the EPIs. The EPIs has the purpose of protection of risks susceptible to threaten security and the health of the worker. The NRs supplies to the collaborating responsibilities how much the use and conservation of the EPIs and to the employer the gratuitous supply, instructions of use and inspection of the same ones. However, the protection against accidents total is not guaranteed by EPIs, is necessary of one efficient politics of security and health in the work, for this it has that to have investments and to fulfill the disposals imposed in the legislation of the competent area.

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