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Took an advance payment. Sat thinking. Verizon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Developed a simple, seemingly the script and go … at the local city forum, one of the branches of a huge number of those, there is a distinguished new topic asking for help in selecting services (all names are omitted) First, as always run over “Experts” – theorists, spread stupid advice, with haughty arrogance on the left and right. Any fans of ‘wiping the feet’ of the newcomers, etc … There! So what we need. Immediately pounce on them is not far-sighted friends, and quite frankly, wondering taken to prove, they say, – gentlemen, you have to what planet? This is also a complete heresy! Close-knit group of “instigators” of enforcing the order of the customer, is tied skirmishes in different roles, in order to raise as much as possible the psychological side of members of the forum, their characters. Everything goes according to plan.

Silly quarrel cease, some banned for not adequate, some just went into standby mode. Third phase: – 40% percent of critics on the services’ customer campaign – 30% of the normal reviews, recommendations, but somehow sluggish. Single-shot your way out sir! And then, suddenly, comes to the debate itself the representative of the campaign. “Accidentally” heard, seen, reported – do not believe it. Went to the city portal and looked, and the truth! Here ladies and gentlemen, the case honor. You colleagues, I see, discuss things, which apparently did not know. Give me, I will tell you how it really is .

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