Bonsai The Shape Of Ancient Art

In Japan, bonsai can be translated literally as planting tray but as originating in Asia, by which for many centuries has become a whole new way. For starters, the tree and pot, they must form a harmonious unit, it should become a single piece. Its shape, texture and color of a part, should complement the other. Then, the tree should be shaped. It is not enough to plant a tree in a pot and let nature take its course, this nothing represents the art of cultivating a bonzai. The result of this would be just like a tree and what is worse still is that it would be very short-lived.

Part a bonsai itself, and each branch is formed or removed, until the chosen image is achieved. This obviously requires great care and a special plant treatment, since these can be very delicate. From that image is achieved, the next step is to keep it. He is maintained and improved by a constant regime of pruning and trimming. It is the art of dwarfing trees or plants, thus creating a shape aesthetically attractive growth, pruning and training in containers according to the prescribed techniques. This techniques and tips must be followed to the letter to not kill the tree.

In general, bonsai are of great interest to many fans, even there are several of them that after a while of taking forward this practice is conviertene in professionals in the development of this art. Although the famous theologians have argued that it is actually art, is 90% to a meager and a 10% of horticulture, that is to say that a bonsai of real success, is definitely a masterpiece of horticulture. Once I get to the Western world this enjoyable and rewarding pastime, has never stopped practicing, and also has won a magnificent series of diversity of plant material and the development of different techniques to grow a bonzai. What you need to know are some of these techniques. You must understand how it gets in practice the art of cultivating bonsai and applied with all its delicacy councils than him iran teaching, so that you can effectively learn, understand and enjoy this practice millenarian. Alfredo Abargues original author and source of the article

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