Birgit Schrowange

Birgit Schrowange is new from now new brand Ambassador of Adler fashion markets GmbH”is here but not entirely accurate, because the popular TV presenter and the, fashion company beyond the borders of Germany enter already this partnership Eagle, for the second time. The renewed cooperation is a logical step for both sides, because Birgit Schrowange did it as barely an other German celebrities, to anchor himself as an Ambassador of a brand in the minds of the audience. The attractive 51 presenter and mother is known for her natural and authentic manner, as well as its stylish appearance. Despite their Populatritat, she never lose the grip. These attributes connect Adler with the brand and create such a gaubwurdige identification figure for the target group – self – and fashion-conscious women in the prime age.

Fashion is not a question of price”as the credo of the presenter. y-players-compass-cushman/’>Compass. Nothing is more boring than a styled by”outfit. It is much more exciting to a classic with trendy and cheap parts combine.” Therefore, it will regularly in the future any Eagle fashion market Birgit’s favorite part of “that can be a classic white blouse, a great cashmere sweater or also a cool leather jacket. All pieces that can be easily combined, style sure to make any outfit and make for an impressive appearance. Thus, Birgit Schrowange proves not only their sense of fashion sense, but is also with own ideas and visions in the Adler Collections. The Adler modemarkte enjoy very common work with Birgit Schrowange.

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