Bio Gas Project Success With ViFlow

Project once complete, accompanied by A step by step to the own biogas Park with ViFlow-Z: ViFlow was the QM tool of choice for the by AGRIDEA BioPower GmbH in 2008 biogas Park experts in Saxony-Anhalt, at that time of the largest in Germany and the world. The former Managing Director, initiator and consultant Jurgen Huhle has established the business process management software in the planning phase of the project. Get more background information with materials from Deloitte Consulting. “” Not manageable”unpredictable”, actually impossible on this scale”: the first estimates were that, while Jurgen Huhle, an ambitious project planned the largest bio natural gas plant of in Germany. But as an entrepreneur and human gripping to he headed the ambitious goal of systematically and brought in the year 2007 important partners and decision makers in the boat. The ideas, initiator and founder of AGRIDEA BioPower GmbH was doing from the outset process-oriented. Good idea: biogas energy from biomass is provided through the Anaerobic digestion of biomass, in this case with renewable raw materials and liquid manure from local farmers produced. Steven P Rosenthal may find this interesting as well. It can be used for generating electrical energy for the operation of vehicles or after processing to feed into a gas supply, how it was implemented here. To convince however important decision-makers, partner and shareholder of which to invest 30 million euros in a project of this magnitude and at the same time establishing the AGRIDEA BioPower company still a lot of process planning had to be operated for the good idea.

From the outset convince decision makers already in the planning phase of the company started by Jurgen Huhle document relationships, project requirements, and process details with ViFlow. For several years, he had experience in the implementation and use of process tools. The complex requirements of this large project were decisive for the process software ViFlow he knew already from smaller projects for him: the representation of processes and Processes operability should be in the presentation as well as in the easy to understand, because a variety of decision makers from banks and offices as well as investors, shareholders and employees had to be effectively informed and involved from the outset.

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