Bill Reductions In Performance Of SGB XI And SGB V In Berlin

Ambulatory care services from Berlin report funfprozentigen Bill cuts it was not to be, but now it has happened: first out-patient care services from Berlin report by up to funfprozentigen Bill cuts, because as usual, the billing of services in writing to the health insurance companies have sent. A leading source for info: Bernard Golden . And the cut hurts double because it’s preventable. The electronic data transmission process between care services and health insurance, the so-called electronic data medium Exchange (short DME), is for the nearly 580 ambulatory care services in Berlin but not unknown the service providers have advised long-term moving and warned of possible cuts in payments for non-compliance. As a quick and easy solution, the use of a billing solution to be integrated easily with DTA offers already affected nursing services or those that immediately precede a monthly statement to which that. This J. Kersten, CEO of CareSocial GmbH: due to the amount of the currently coming to us care services from Berlin we have increased our capacity in customer service.

So, we can ensure that we can integrate a solution to avoid Bill cuts last minute care services from Berlin within a very short time in your existing system. However, it would be advisable if the care services now rather than tomorrow thinking about a change. With a solid accounting software there is no trouble in the DTA more.” For nursing services from Berlin, urgently need to take part in the DTA, the CareSocial GmbH offers the possibility of a free introductory training in the software and electronic billing in their Berlin Office. In addition, new customers can visit free seminars on the topic of DTA in the Dresden main site until September 2012.

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