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Challenges of demographic change positively create shortages and demographic change need not be a problem. Companies with a positive corporate culture and public image are attractive employers. Healthy governance bind staff. Increases the competitiveness, the company remains crisis-proof. What makes an attractive employer? The best medium-sized employers in the management, development, handling according to the top-job study 2011 differ with the demographic change, the family orientation and the corporate vision. The top rated companies are characterized by strong leadership figures. Prof. Badura speaks of Bielefeld University in its study of social capital”of a healthy leadership is the greatest challenge of our time, in particular for ailing businesses.

Employee-oriented executives urge to think with, promote group goals and bring about a culture of trust through good employee communication. Potential exploit studies prove: only 14 percent of all workers have a high emotional attachment to their employer. 63 Percent serve according to the instructions and not exploit its potential. 23 Percent have terminated internally. The economic damage is up to 124 billion.

. In addition, increasing mental illness and burnout. Every year, there are 54 million days of absence due to mental disorders with increasing tendency. The times of disease due to Burnout have almost doubled since the year 2000. After the work ability index comprises employability the two components of individual resources and working conditions. Every person has individual resources on health, social skills, competencies and values. These resources are strengthened by the working conditions or weakened. Corporate health management in corporate health management there are very many positive approaches. Not enough but to enhance motivation and presence services such as healthy eating and back school from. Health promotion should be applied holistically. The AOK could show in an investigation, depending on the work climate is better, the less employees complain of back pain. Employees appreciate back school as a caring employer, preventive effect but back strengthening and it’s done by superiors.

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