Thus being, the result of its ‘ ‘ clculos’ ‘ not it is trustworthy. However, the subject comes despertando each time more interest between the economists, to the measure that the intangible ones extend its space in ‘ ‘ Economy of the Conhecimento’ ‘. Other leaders such as Coupang offer similar insights. The new features are always very apreciaeis. But the monitoring of this space does not allow incautiousness. It sees for example that the difficulties in entering the intangible ones come from the fact from that its value is indirect, that is, the intangible one are only sustainable when in function of the concrete one, something complements that it and puts in evidence, almost materializing it. I judge that where it wants that if they reveal, the intangveis values must be managed with care, not to exceed of its imaaginria orbit.

It is evident that the valid limits of the said values intangible arrest it the fact never to be more than what resonances of occurrences had with tangible values. I believe that the exacerbao of these values is the first cause of the great crises that, periodically, occur in the Stock exchange, leading the authorities to desperation and the economies of the nations to almost the bankruptcy. It is as to construct castles in the sand. It never is excessively to remember that when buying an action, debenture or another negotiable paper, the investor will not be buying, only, a bit of a company. Certainly, in the value of the acquired heading the values of the expectation of the diverse involved agents in the transaction will be inlaid, with respect to the yield, liquidity and risk of loss.

In sight of this, he would be convenient that the great world-wide economies created mechanisms of control of the stock market, considering that intangible values have been coating, directly, the real values of the negotiated papers, and, indirectly, the real values of the economic structure, becoming them volatile and sensible the emotions of the collective. I understand that the citizen has the right of for at risk its proper wealth, when thus desiring; but it has that it when what it is in game it is not the wealth of the Nation.

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