BGV Macro

For the avoidance of accidents and the high costs associated the macro ID has a wide range of different security trailer and control systems are therefore specific notifications of operational usage rules and risks to create a safe working environment, necessary, for example in the form of plug-in signs and holders. Inform about the identity, use, safety and maintenance, responsibility hierarchies and the review status of safety-critical equipment. A typical industrial site has an environment in which people and equipment constantly changing and moving. Some employees do not know whether their equipment is safe to use and what maintenance run. A certain subject can be distinguished not by hundreds like a site.

Without an accurate and current information, staff will form their own assumptions about one thing. Read additional details here: Southwest Airlines. Decisions and actions from this, however, can in an industrial company have very dangerous consequences for man and machine. In the worst case, mistakes lead to the death of an employee and the prolonged failure of machines. To avoid accidents and the high costs the macro has IDENT from the Munich South a wide range of different Tagout safety chain and control systems. This colour very well out stabbing trailers and systems identify hazardous materials, display, maintenance and installation work will be performed or carried out mechanical and electrical outages. Also they characterize devices, machinery, ladders, scaffolding, hoists, etc.

with a ban on status, to avoid the risk. To secure operation, inspection and maintenance dates appear clearly. Valves, calibration equipment, etc. are protected with appropriate locking systems. For the various requirements there is the different trailers, badges and lock and control systems resistant materials. The macro identification available security management system is also at any time information about functionality, test results, times, and responsibilities. In particular for electrical systems and operating equipment, the operator has to BGV A3 the obligation to prohibit the use in poor condition of a plant. Work-related accidents and costly failures due to regular maintenance and proper labelling of equipment can be avoided entirely. With appropriate locks or sealing caps that also are available at macro IDENT – all security-related information are secure. For the various operations to the occupational safety IDENT are appropriate safety trailers and control systems from macro. 2 different DVDs for lockout and Tagout safety systems are available for the training of security officers and employees. According to the legal regulations, companies are obliged to ensure that each of its employees a Participates in safety training.

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