Between Ibiza And Barcelona Dream Vacation

Dream between Ibiza and Barcelona Ibiza vacation is the tourist island par excellence of the Balearic archipelago, with worldwide fame for its fiestas and discos, which annually attracts a lot of tourists from all corners of the planet. Close in time and distance to Ibiza the city of Barcelona, one of the icons of national and international modernity, is therefore the path of leisure between both cities stands in one of the holiday more attractive options for the public of all ages, since both the island and the city of Barcelona boast of natural areas of undoubted beauty to the senses. Ibiza Barcelona axis has been enhanced in recent years thanks to the wide range of communications that connected to both cities by land, sea and air, with dozens of cheap flights Ibiza Barcelona and Barcelona Ibiza flights, arriving daily at the two airports and whose frequency increases considerably during the summer months. Among the most famous clubs of Ibiza Space, Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, DC10, locals are the Divine, Cafe del Mar or Es Paradis Ibiza port environment is also a hot spot that converges the audience hungry for holiday and jarana. In the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, the island experienced a tourist expansion, which became the engine of its current economic development, well above its traditional agriculture and fishing possibilities. In addition, up to 85,64 square kilometers of the island have been recognized as world heritage by Unesco with the nickname of Ibiza, biodiversity and culture, so are plenty reasons to recommend a trip to behold so great landscapes and culture.

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