Bertolina Flowers

My Aguinel grandfather Blacksmith, after some years liveing in the Border Brazil/Paraguay, already had obtained to stabilize itself in the city of Amamba, this already to the 32 years. one day, only of ticket for one casebre, asked for shelter to a very humble family to rest of the road. I did not know it, but they say that he was very likeable, very prosador, made easy friendship very. with the head of the family was not different. With as much he chats that he had pra to count, the owner of the house asked for that somebody kills made it to please the visit and to amend the colloquy.

He kills with it soon, here it is that he came to deliver to the cuia a girl, Bertolina Flowers, of its 16 years, much mirradinha, shameful. With as much acanhamento of the visit of the youngster who nor raised the eyes. Very ashamed on account dress pudo for the work weighed, rasgadinho, here and acol, costuradinho in other parts that more seemed a remnant. The youngster, seeing the acanhamento of the young woman, but nor binding very for the details, if got passionate for the one without girl skill and, mainly, for its beauty of young woman. Here it is that he chats finished it, exactly after left it did not obtain it to forget.

Pra to say to the truth nor the young woman. Passed days, already if making of candidate, it there comes to make a visit. Of gift, to ask for the hand of the young woman in marriage, pra brought two fabric cuts dress, detail: of the same print. The father of the young woman did not delay very in accepting, badly did not seem business, was with the face of the citizen. Therefore that my grandmother always said that was changed by two fabric cuts, she said this mainly when was braba. If they had married after one year, it with 17 it with 33 years, and had had eight children and children, amongst the girls my mother. But unhappyly, my grandfather did not lose its customs, all time that went to buy weaveeed pra to make clothes pra gang of street urchin, bought pra everybody fabric cut of the same print. My grandmother made what she could: shirts, bermuda shorts, dresses, blouses, skirts, pra crianada all and pra same it. All of the family with the same print. They imagine: it would have to seem a group of chorale.

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