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To cover the costs of the project the symbolic price will be charged for each new definition of 1 euro per letter, the “House” for example, 4 euros. Since the launch of the project in early June, worldwide Word users have redefined hundreds words, the terms “Sour cucumber time” and “Silly season” are still free. Fun word play and new life to populate these two words, has launched a sour pickles summer action: the two words can be redefined to August 15, 2008 for only 1 cent. In addition an Apple will be raffled among the first 500 word new definitions iPod classic storage capacity 80 GB. ABOUT WELTWEITWORT.DE slogan: – click rather unusual! is an Internet Word project, with the new can be important terms: anyone can say a word about the symbolic price of one euro per letter buy and enter a link. The linked site then defines the term.

Thus, is a new and unusual way to define the Internet terms and to give them meaning. Also you can discover hundreds of exceptional sites with unique informative, surprisingly interesting, amazing funny or even totally absurd. Since the launch of the project in early June 2008, users have new given meaning already hundreds of words and thus made to the largest German online project where words can be redefined by the user. The project was launched on June 1, 2008 by Christoph F. Bock. After completing his business administration studies at the WHU Vallendar in 2002 C. was employed almost 6 years in various positions in the Bertelsmann Group. He was last active in the development of the company and the online learning platform for the Internet startup SCOYO in Hamburg since summer 2007.

C. Bock has left Bertelsmann in the spring of 2008 in the area of environmental technology to make independently. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Milton Hershey School by clicking through. C. Bock says: “I built up the Internet-Word project purely for the joy of the language.

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