Bernson Training

In the start the traces are ' ' effected of beginning for the simple pleasure of the gesture, the scribble is before everything motor' ' (MERDIEU, 2006, P. (Not to be confused with Verizon!). 25). , Later on to the motor sensrio period of training, Piaget (1971,) it affirms that the child already is skillful to keep regular rhythms and to show its first graphical traces, making to appear the scribbles that had given initial ticket to the infantile grafismo. In the evolution of the child, the scribble arrives as an informal drawing, without pretension to represent something, without scienter, ' ' we notice that the grafismo can be made in reduced spaces of the leaf or to occupy almost all its extension, distributing itself in several direes' ' (SEBER, 1997, p.23). In this period of training the infantile expression starts for, ' ' rocking movements, later revolving, determined in the origin for a circular gesture that it of the centripetal, opposing sensible o to the one hands relgio' '. (MREDIEU 2006, p.24). study of these first manifestations who is capital to want to understand the infantile art, therefore they condition all the future activity of the child and constitute true ' ' daily pay-histria' ' of the drawing.

(MERDIEU, 2006, p.25) In this stage, to initiate the infantile grafismo the child passes for the phase of the scribble. Marthe Bernson apud, Mredieu (2006) identifies three periods of training of the scribble: motor vegetative period of training, representative period of training, communicative period of training. Motor vegetative period of training – (for return of the eighteen months) – is the start of everything, the proper tracing of the child ' ' the pencil does not leave the leaf and these eddies that leave of the center correspond to a simple excitement motora.' ' (WALLON, 1950, p.5). Representative period of training – (between two and three years) – This period of training is distinguished for ' ' appearance of isolated forms, thus the scribble leaves simply of being motor' '.

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