Becoming Profitable

"Standard actions provide only a standard result!". Larry Ellison often addresses the matter in his writings. Some of the greats. Tell me, honestly, your life is like a life most people around you? If your answer – "Yes", then I can very detailed Your list many psychological traits: 1.You like comfort, entertainment and recreation. Each of these concepts their own, but still … very 2.You do not like to work. By work I mean work on "dostavaniyu" necessary "to zhist "amount of money. 3.I of the money you are constantly missing. 4.I blame you at all any external circumstances.

5.I very intolerant of any opinion other than your own. 6.Vy constantly comparing yourself around, and almost always in their favor. 7.Vy constantly feel deprived, miserable. Well, etc. Know yourself? Sad … Well, what are you going to do? Got it. Please do not respond! I have hundreds if not thousands, of times I heard the answers to such questions. The meaning of the answer has always been about the same: "What can I do, because of me does not depend on …" Still it depends! We all love to live "not zamorachivayas" in comfort, but life in the comfort of atrophies, nearly kills all the vital instincts. The survival instinct, the instinct of self-preservation instinct of procreation … Yes, just what are they for? After all, they need to survive in harsh natural conditions and which are here heavy conditions, if the products and beer from a supermarket delivery service will bring, and the satellite system on command from the remote switch telly obediently to the desired channel.

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