Become Harder

Every few months products contain new ingredients: the consumers do not always do it to notice. Someone does not consider important to read the composition, and some simply do not have time to do it. And even if you do are interested in how useful that “climbed into the mouth” – it is not always clear from the title. For example, corn syrup – sounds nice, but what does it actually? According to some sources, corn syrup, containing a large fructose, is nothing like “candy devil”, which leads directly to obesity. Nutritionists say that the manufacturers began to replace sugar is not just a fruit sugar from fruit, and its synthetic analogue. He became so popular, because the micro-level gives a more pronounced flavor and with the cost of it is low. Household prevalence in the U.S. it is so great that the average American consumes each year from 150 pounds total eaten sugar 60 – fructose corn syrup. Corn syrup is not less harmful than regular sugar, and at the same time, not all manufacturers have openly declared that its product contains fructose fed up. Reading of this product, people think that buying something natural (corn, it would seem, natural products ), but in fact it turns out that a chemically synthesized substance, the name has received only symbolically. Many fast-food outlets have spent millions to prove that their food is not so harmful, most branded goods are also speculating the title natural, but ultimately it is sufficient to have them turned out to be not only possible, but useful? Lots of information in advertising indulges in small print so only after a hearty lunch, leisurely read that it’s not really “diet”. Given that around so much junk food, nutritionists recommend make of it, only 25 percent of its menu. But it’s easy to say and do – a lot harder. Studies of food habits show that junk food captures and simply creates a dependency. Experiments on laboratory rats have shown that this dependence on junk food may be akin to that which is formed from heavy drug use: heroin or cocaine. Groups of rats receiving only junk food (Sweet, bacon, soft drinks) eventually formed the habit that the replacement of harmful traditional diet products has led to a long fasting. Quite a long time the little animals could not believe that they no longer see their favorite Big Mac. Hopefully, the people still more intelligent in choosing your diet how to make manufacturers more accountable for the ingredients that they add to food? Only permanent cooperation with the consumer associations, complaints about the quality of goods, as well as careful selection of what you are going to buy the table. Ignoring the low-quality goods and common sense ultimately will push the market unscrupulous food producers. But at the same time provide an easier opportunity to comply healthy diet.

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