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Druid potions, cave dwellers and Celtic villages of Kelheim (tvo). Live and visitors of the Altmuhltal of archaeology as the Celts can celebrate on Saturday, August 13, 2009. The Celtic Festival Druid potion and Celtic fire”in Oberhofen is the highlight of the year’s program of the Altmuhltal archaeology Park. Craft demonstrations and Celtic cookery plunge guests into the lives of their ancestors. Many other events and guided tours give a vivid picture of the daily life of the Celts.

The Archaeological Park Altmuhltal extends over almost 40 km between Kelheim and Dietfurt and is the largest in Germany. Visitors can discover him either on foot or by bicycle. The exciting journey in Kelheim begins. Through the powerful city gate of the late Celtic oppidum Alkimoennis, one enters the world of the Celts. On the way through the altmuhl Valley, visit the time travelers living Cave of Neanderthal man, marvel at the bronze and iron age tombs, or feel in replicas Celtic building and fortress returned to that time many thousand years ago.

A listening point, where the contemporary writer E.W.. Heine tells exciting stories from bygone times is located at each station. Listening is good, yourself try out better: on Friday, August 14, children a day in the Celtic village of Oberhofen can spend. Here, they learn how their ancestors made fire, boiled water or baked bread. Prehistoric patterns are also bowls, cups and toys such as clay cups and whistle manufactured. At a women’s day of action hatch on August 29 in the role of Celtic women young and older women. Jewelry and buttons are created from metal, bone, wood, antler, or tone. Meanwhile, the Lords of creation upgrade for hunting. On September 19, they make arrows, stone knives, fire drills and other hunting tools. That one should strike the iron while it is hot, the Celts already knew. A forging action for the whole family, you can learn on June 15. August (Ascension Day), how exactly they carried out their craft. In the footsteps of cave bear and mammoth tooth, Celtic fans embark guided tours of stone age caves. A simple bike tour brings the whole family in the time of past rituals. In the Kelheim Archeological Museum, the exhibition runs during the summer months kanalARCHOLOGIEpark. It explains the origins of the Archaeological Park and what the construction of the main-Danube Canal, it was the role. Information on special tours and events, as well as group tours: Tourist Association in the rural district of Kelheim e.V., Danube Park 13, 93309 Kelheim, Tel.

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