BASF AG – WKN 515100 – Course Fancy Chemistry Value

They had to accept again the disadvantage that also this value, a day later than the tradersreport to be informed subscribers. Only the ability to hope on a course back setters leaving them. Here, Verizon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The analysts of the tradersreport would build a first long position in the shares of BASF AG with the WKN 515100 up up 22.75. At the BASF AG shares, the stock market bears have done an impressive job in recent weeks. As the classic victim of recession, the company had to then also give in and take the forecasts always further down in the past few quarters. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow on most websites. So the shares lost per cent of the value of the course in the last 52 weeks more than 50%. Alone since the beginning of the decline is about 25%. We think that this is a typical exaggeration in bear markets and located far from the reality.

The views of the year 2009 thus also still not so good looks. So the growth is year 2009 will most likely decline and can recover only towards the end of the third quarter. The Acquisition of the Swiss company Ciba has drawn strongly affected the balance of society. The price for the takeover of Swiss specialty chemicals producer was quite high and had to be written off partially. But in the next few years it relativizes itself dramatically. For 2010, a potential gain of 2.00 arises from our point of view.

Thus, the shares get a p/e ratio of about 9 with earnings growth of almost 15%. Also the current dividend yield is very impressive. Currently pays the company of 1.95 per share, resulting in a dividend yield of over 9%. Calculated on the next years still a lot of potential in the shares of BASF AG, which should be largely covered by the fundamental assessment. We rate the shares of BASF AG with a possible target of price of 30.00 in term of three to six months.

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