Bank Openness

Payments to bankers are published only the total amount in the institutions that serve a full accounting. On the personal distribution of bonuses among senior managers modestly silent all. In the best case, disclosed the proportion of shares leadership. 'The Economic Truth' presents a new research project – an annual ranking of online banks open. According to the results of rating research, the five most public banks in Ukraine have entered 'VAB Bank' Bank 'Khreshchatyk', 'VTB Bank', Privatbank and 'Alfa Bank. " The ranking is based on a comprehensive analysis of accessibility, completeness and relevance of the most important from the standpoint of the client and banking information.

In the study, 'ME' comprehensively appreciated the openness of the financial statements, services, management, ownership structure in Internet networks and banks 'ability to respond to journalists' e-mail-requests. Rating openness covers 35 major retail banks, which are included in the first and second group of the NBU classification and control 80% of banking assets. Why banks are open before proceeding to an analysis of the results of the rating, it should be noted that transparency and soundness of banks – different concepts that should be clearly distinguished. As numerous studies of Western scholars, the bank with an informative website and transparent walls may not be too financially viable. Furthermore, documented cases of excessive openness of financial information, with weak corporate governance led to banking crises. In this case, the question is understandable One well-known Ukrainian economist: what is the point of transparency, if it does not depend on the reliability? The answer is simple: in the West, banks are interested to be open to multiple investors, who closely monitored The course of bank shares and the regularity of dividend payments.

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