Baines Antik Flea Market

Here anyone can join simply Cellars or storage whitespace and off you go! Gorxheimer Antik-& flea market takes place only once a year and offers some surprises. Available in floor lamp and many other household goods, decorative for Christmas and books for cozy evenings in the dark half of the year include also toys, which children’s hearts beat faster, (KLA) moth crates for large and small, Grandma’s many curiosities. In the field of antiques and precious junk dealers showing what you have collected in the last years of treasures and favorite pieces and now discarded.

Who particularly like and long goes on a treasure hunt, needs not to worry – in the warm, over the two days to the cold and wet winter weather light-flooded indoor arena no flea markets get cold feet. Also a second-hand is connected to fashion market, on which all portable low prices can be managed.Are you looking for the Ski suit for the little ones, for the upcoming winter? Here, you’ll probably find it! At the last indoor flea market before Christmas, which offers the unique opportunity to snag, the perfect gift for loved ones or even to exhibit and to earn himself some euro for the Christmas shopping. The entry into the heated hall is free! The market takes place only once in a year! Catered refreshments on site. The flea market is open on Saturday and Sunday, the 27-28 November 2010 from 10 to 17: 00.

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