Average Customer

As a result, now feels more in control of your business and knows exactly what to do to ensure the survival of your business. None of us can predict when a client moves, losing money as the budget of our services, take our role in the home or choose another supplier, but we can prepare to respond to this kind of thing to have as little impact on the viability of our business. Do you know how many have to generate leads with to obtain a new client? 5? 10? 25? 50?

Although industry guidelines may be available, what you really need to know is how many chances they have to approach in order to obtain a new customer. Knowing this number tells you what the results have to be getting from your marketing efforts and know that tells you whether or not their marketing efforts are sufficient to meet its annual sales targets. Say you want to increase your sales by $ 18,000 over the next 12 months, and you know that, on average, each customer spends $ 1200/year with you. That means you have to bring 15 new customers in the next 12 months ($ 18,000 divided by $ 1,200). Note that you’ll have to go into more detail to estimate their own numbers, as in this case the average customer spends $ 1,200 / year with you, but if you do not bring him up to six months from now, ‘ ll only make $ 600 in 12 months we are seeing.

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