Average Age

The physical changes are many and psychological, that in a fast way, modify the daily one of the adolescent. The new features, the expectations, idealizaes, the concepts and the collections take the adolescent, to a large extent of the times, if to feel confused and lost ahead of the characteristics of this phase. The young is common to look other people who are passing for the same conflicts that it, somebody with who it if identifies, or that he can serve as a support and company for itself. In this point, the groups appear, for which the adolescent search to consolidate its identity, to find people with who can share the moments, the secrets, the doubts, the ideas. When emphasizing the nature of the groups, searchs to understand as the formation of groups in this phase happens and as this constitution it is seen by the proper adolescents and its family. Adolescence In the antiquity and the period of the Average Age, the people were treated as children until the 14 years, including the use of clothes and the adoption of infantile behaviors. The insertion in the adult world was determined for the parents, who made an modification in the environment and the behavior of ‘ ‘ new adulto’ ‘.

With passing of the time it had a ecloso in the conception of adolescence, leading the young to acquire a bigger space, conquering more freedom. We understand for adolescence the stage that even goes of the 12-13 years for return of the 20 years of age. It is the phase where she is not more child, but also cannot be considered adult. It is as a preparation for the adult life. Many adolescents of our way can be in this phase, the school, search of jobs, as well as can be liveing with the parents.

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