Automotive Industry

The HARRI112 staff & mobility service GmbH aligns your entire offer on the market of automotive! Sometimes there are coincidences of life, which people with ideas and energy together. “After in the year 2005, Mr. Holger Wesselmann together with his partner Bernd Kariyawasam with their idea of a car-service-hotline” launched a new era of service for the automotive industry in the life and the Lords Jorn Utesch and Olaf Sobotzke with your innovative ideas in the field of human resources management for years by your company H.i.T.e.C and mastertemp new paths in the area of modern personnel management tread, had to meet only to find the next offer. Ideas can be found from the four are convinced so so also here! After they had met, it was only a small step to a new company and together founded the HARRI112 personnel & mobility service GmbH ( At health economics expert you will find additional information. We have connected the best of them all are convinced. HARRI112 and the companies of the Group North, the possibilities of the mastertemp above all resulted in the creation of innovative new services for the automotive industry, the HARRI112 personnel & mobility service GmbH ( The HARRI112 staff & mobility service GmbH is your entire offer on the market of automotive already around 600 customer companies trust the services of HARRI112 Service Centre in Hamburg-Poppenbuttel, in which about 40 employees 24 hours a day in terms of comprehensive services offer customers? The mastertemp in turn has a specialized headcount by approximately 200 employees in Hamburg and excited a new challenge specifically the needs of car dealerships to establish offer tailored to. We are in the HARRI112 staff & mobility service GmbH in addition to forces on the get & focus service (driver), service and Evetkrafte, welcome staff, all qualified forces of the auto world in our new company.

Offer also car – Mechatronics, automotive can be found -Painter, body builders, etc. etc. everything for a TOP service in the garages necessary whats. HARRI112 staff & mobility service GmbH is AUTUTOMOTIV! Harri112 staff & Mobilty service is your competent partner in all personnel matters relating to the automobile. In addition to our forces for the range of customer service and event staff, you will find also specialists in automotive sales, your attendant or the workshop service here. Our service also includes: automotive Mechatronics /-Interior, car painters /-indoor, vehicle electrician /-indoor, coachbuilder / Interior, car – Masters students and staff for your vehicle holding and fitting service.

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