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Automotive components testing at Visteon using expecco – the model-based testing tool by eXept Bonnigheim/Stuttgart, November 09, 2009 – expecco is now also at Visteon Germany GmbH used. The goal was a future-proof solution to achieve a high degree of automation. Content of the project was the interface to the Optolyzer, an automotive MOST bus component from exept Software AG has been extended. So far, a semi-automated solution was employed by Visteon to test. Various requirements was the need for a new solution. Manual test times should be reduced and the individual test runs more easily reproduced.

Furthermore, an automatic comprehensible documentation of test runs for acceptance tests before was necessary. As well, the continuous and stress tests should be established. The mixed test team had to changing tasks. The test environment should be understandable, clear and easy to change. In addition, the training period for new should Employees are kept very low. In order to realize the project, it was to overcome various challenges. Because in this environment quite a few measuring and test equipment were in operation, which were manually operated, these should be operated now also automatically with the new solution.

To the hardware with a wide range of interfaces and protocols had to be included. If you are not convinced, visit Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow. The complete test set-up was realized with expecco. Expecco can simply automate existing test environments for manual tests due to the possibility of the integration of new interfaces. For the Optolyzer – the automotive industry MOST bus interface – developed a corresponding module library. The advantages of this solution are among others a quick adaptation of existing test scenarios to new requirements, a cross-project reuse of modules by function libraries and a generally understandable graphical description of test sequences, which facilitates the training and cooperation in the team. The variable parameters of the Test scenarios allows a large test coverage, as well as the wide range of testing scenarios for stress and fatigue tests. The modular design of the test sequences provides ideal support for manual tests. Further advantages of expecco are the fast implementation of new and existing test scenarios by drag, drop, connect and play. Special reports that can be created in the desired level of detail, are used for the documentation of tests performed. These reports can be custom made in content and form and are therefore also suitable as an acceptance Protocol. Creating the test sequences and the link to the different hardware was designed by Visteon itself. The needed support from company, such as, for example, training, was essentially limited to a few online support sessions. Automate the required test procedures with the help of expecco succeeded very quickly. By the time thus saved was the opportunity to implement a further automation of manual tests. Story will find the complete success Click.

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