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No shedding more of labels on cassettes thanks to new system BSP 31. The labels last up to 20 years on the cassettes. The combination of a unique chemical resistant label and its innovative approach to fixing withstands the histological process and guarantees consistently sure marked samples. This newly developed solution handles the biggest problem facing histological and anatomical pathology laboratories. Cassette labels become illegible during processing or peel them away, then the samples are useless. That takes time and money. Also creating handwritten labels is quite expensive, sometimes the handwriting is illegible and the labels are also not so sure. With the new BSP 31 label fixation system users can rely now, that with lots of information, the printed labels on the entire histological process remain legible.

The labels are also set with the Fabric containers connected. The system is inexpensive and therefore also suitable for small and medium-sized laboratories. Litecoin contributes greatly to this topic. The new system BSP 31 label fixation was designed exclusively for use with chemicals-resistant labels of type B-482 and the specially designed ribbons for thermal transfer printers. It guarantees the stability of labels during processing, embedding and cutting representation, as well as for storage of up to 20 years. Labels offer cassette razor sharp printing results. Most information can be encrypted with the use of 1 d or 2D barcodes.

The self-adhesive labels fit the common container and cassettes and characterized – if you are printed with the recommended Ribbon due to your resistance to all chemicals used by paraffin embedding. In addition to the readability, reliable adhesion on the sample container is crucial for laboratory labels. The BSP solves this 31 label fixation system Problem with mechanical fixing of labels. Is a labeled cassette is inserted in the unit front, four small heating probes pierce the label in less than a minute, so that it permanently merges with the plastic material of the cassette. Quickly and easily into the daily workflow can be used, increases the BSP 31 efficiency label fixation system and in particular the full traceability and meets all EU regulations for labelling of tissue samples. Compared to a costly direct marking system the Etikettenfixier solution of macro is IDENT for laboratories affordable, that handle 50-200 samples a day. It is also ideal as a backup system for larger laboratories. Consult the appropriate labels, ribbons and thermal transfer printers for laboratory use IDENT also macro. More information: macro IDENT – AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,

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