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Who is the best sales accelerator of ever your best seller? He is not in your company. He is not even free employees or agents, or intermediaries. Is their best seller: referrers; active, positive referrers. The strategic targeting of active, positive referrers is the smartest, most affordable and most promising sales growth strategy of all time. New customers are supplied in this way immediately and free of charge. Referral marketing is a classic marketing. It is the drug of choice in times of decreasing advertising effect and high comparability.

This involves further recommend you us much more than the banal”, which is usually quite penetrating and most random word of mouth raises. Rather, it concerns the systematic development of the recommendation business. Clever, so far little-used forms of advertising and the Internet open up today completely new paths in terms of Word of mouth. This can strongly support your sales and marketing activities. And one Saving amount on advertising costs. This is to make online and offline customers and even people who don’t buy your products, to passionate advocates for your cause and ambassadors of your company. How that happens, shows this hands-on evening seminar.

The participants will receive the complete know-how, as well as the necessary tools to implement their own referral marketing strategy step by step. The seminar contents Their greatest treasure: Active positive Recommender How recommender can actively be motivated to be The basis for recommendations: Spitzenleister and excellence The strategy: four steps to the successful referral marketing Out of practice: Action programmes for your referral marketing How to determine the rate of recommendation and developed New forms of Word of mouth and referral marketing the events of 09.10.2008 Munich October 28, 2008 Cologne 29.10.2008 Frankfurt a. M. November 13, 2008 Stuttgart, November 19, 2008 Berlin 20.11.2008 Hamburg from 18:30 22:00. More info: 9empfehlungsmarketing or pricing and registration SemiGator exclusive price: 79, net with SemiGator education card: 59, net booking hotline: 0800-50604446 booking by E-Mail: the seminar leader Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and is a leading expert for loyalty and referral marketing. Over 20 years, she has worked in senior sales and marketing positions of various international service company and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best keynote speakers in the German-speaking world. You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. You heard the excellent speakers’ to the circle. Their customers include the elite of German, Swiss and Austrian Economics. Contact: or the book Anne M. Schuller future trend seminar recommendation marketing the best sales accelerator of ever BusinessVillage, 2 adults. and actual. Edition. 2008, 138 pages, ISBN 3-934424-65-1, 21.80 euros

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