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Who do without loose on percentages to the accelerator pedal position, but its planning emphasis on support, will become friends quickly with the practical system of transport-inside. The launch of transport inside traffic management solution has attracted a lot of attention. Amazingly easy to use the system of the Austrian company of ticom Internet Services GmbH is based on many years of experience in the international transport sector. In the vehicle, it comes out with a mobile wireless phone with built-in GPS receiver, on the side of the dispatchers only a PC with an Internet connection is required. “As far as not necessarily anything special, the strength of this solution is reflected in the use of however: the driver taps the finger on the touch screen of the phone on the large button with the symbol of arrival”, is the message not to be overlooked, and the current location on the screen within seconds. A minimalist and clear display offers exactly the information that he needed the dispatchers under time pressure. Learn more on the subject from Cambiar Investors.

This simplicity the system’s underlying it can be also easily incorporated into existing freight forwarding solutions, the Administration is done the Administration after a short briefing by the customers themselves. At least 20% time savings possible must be taken up usually at least an hour for telephone polls and questions during the typical workday of a dispatcher with about 20 truck with the driver. The clear concentration of transport inside the clear picture of the transport history beyond the pure location reduces phone calls and ongoing coordination work, time savings of 20% and is more realistic in actual usage. You’re questions like where?”, how long you need?” and when you’re done? “thus belong to the past. Rocky Dixon spoke with conviction. International orientation the improved overview current traffic information in Europe available, which can be displayed at any time on the map are the dispatchers. Is from Denmark to Italy, from Poland to France He said about the current traffic situation in the image. In addition, an interpreter package was the Web portal”missed: the user interface is now available in any language you want.

Low investment costs addressed high profitability on the economic crisis and the impact on the transport sector, already noticed a rethink in the industry Managing Director Reinhard Mairhofer: complex telematics systems are associated with considerable investment cost, the simple traffic-management solution of transport inside only the acquisition of the mobile radio phones falls to mfa100. On the other is a clear competitive advantage for our customers: you can accept rapid transport orders and perform more efficiently. Who succeeds twice in the year to reach an unloading point and to avoid loss of time, so a day for our system has paid off already. So a decision means no investment, but retrieving savings and efficiency for transport inside.” Needs-based Contract drafting it further to meet the carriers already badly battered by toll increases and bad orders, logistics and TRANS port entrepreneurs, provides transport-inside flexible contractual models: an option in addition to compatible allows a closure of one month per year per unit. In this period then no usage fees, only the contract period is extended accordingly. Press contact: Bernhard Dominguez ticom Internet Services GmbH Salurner Strasse 22, 6330 Kufstein, Austria T: + 43 (05372) 6912-150, F: + 43 (05372) 6912-159;

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