Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is a type of marketing and it is clear that our industry is network marketing, right?, so it will be important for us to have a medium-sized idea that is marketing?, because I believe that if. Marketing definitions there are many, in short, is understood as a set of principles, methodologies, techniques, and strategies through which it seeks to position a product, a brand or service in the market. Say the marketing part of identifying the needs of the client, to design a marketing plan that will reach potential customers, build customer confidence, and at the same time allow the image of a business that can meet needs. That’s roughly what is marketing, but and so what is attraction marketing? Technically defined as a kind of marketing designed to teach consumer potential, what is what makes your product or service and how it can benefit you, until he bought it. I.e., instead of focusing directly on sale, focuses on giving information, adding value to the consumer, so that the see this company as an expert on the subject. It is now harder for customers to make a decision due to the bombardment of advertising there is. Then what attraction marketing is proposing not harass the customer with offers and promotions, and on the contrary give neutral information that will help you make a decision, this will make customer feel this company as an expert on the subject and prefer to buy him. Intelligent right?. There are two key factors in the marketing of attraction and they are: the relationship and the trust, and these two factors are extremely important in the Network marketing today.

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