Attraction Law

To begin to define today’s article, first I should say for simplicity that for the Law of Attraction There are three types of people: students initially advanced student or teacher Coaching And I say this first, to indicate which level I find myself. It’s reading, the knowledge obtained and tested questions, I must say that I consider my location in the middle of this classification. After defining this point, if you too at that level (after having read all the books you recommended in then like me, you may already have begun to ask: YBreast law of attraction is to learn get only the best of life, either financially and / or social relations? Or this is just the tool that God gives us, so that, from the base to be well satisfied with ourselves and with life , we can then address the MISIONa a entrusted to us the every one of us?. O ye think we came to life only to eat, have fun, grow old and eventually die. No, definitely came for something more important and in this framework, the Law of Attraction is just that beautiful tool to run the job with her that God entrusted to us before birth and coming to life we forget. ll. Sheryl Sandberg is often quoted on this topic. Some manage to realize it is and implement it, others live and die never knowing what was that mission. You know what your mission?. You tell me: and how I can know?.

Well, God has provided ways to communicate your wishes. Sometimes (the least) directly or (most times) through our subconscious. And when that communication occurs?. Usually around 40. Why?. I’ll explain further in the next article when I discuss the meaning of the numbers in Christianity and the overall influence of these on human life.

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