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If you see left in the ATM card, not in a hurry to take it through 20 seconds of the ATM swallow. And the owner will be easier to return the card because all the forgotten cards or get to the point of card issuance, or in one of the cash settlement centers. Consistent application of the map back to the owner. Write in phone book mobile phone number of the cash management center in the event of loss of card (that option, if you did not know in what place she) immediately block it. Philip Vasan has plenty of information regarding this issue. Often there is an ATM impossible to get funds. Selects normal amount, and after pressing the ATM gives "Error equipment" or sometimes Card elementary "spits". To avoid this and in order not to lose time always be to press the key "Other Amount". First, you can see a descent, if there is an ATM cash, and secondly, what bills have been preserved.

Therefore, you can earn the equivalent of based there money. If you made a mistake in the choice of surgery or the amount that can not be scared. In this case, be to push the key "Cancel", and an ATM card or return back to its original menu. It happens that ATM does not feed almost no indicators of life, can, including on and off screen. Does not need to be afraid and do not depart from the ATM 20-30 seconds, in most cases, it "comes to himself 'and you can continue operation. And if the ATM is really "ate" your card, to apply according to the place of its issuance. Through some time for you to return your card. There is also a breeze.

If exchanges of old cards or obtaining new wants to find out which bank ATMs do not charge fees, not including yours, when withdrawing funds. That is to say with any branch of your banks signed agreements on beskomissionnom service. We often observe turn into the ATM of a bank, but standing near a bank ATM people are missing, although the means it can get without a commission. And the most fundamental, does not kipeshuyte in critical environments with using the ATM. Most of those conditions have eliminated their own hands!

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