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Functional systems under consideration is very wide and alert functions in addition allows the system to connect instruments and light signaling devices, play pre-recorded voice messages, allowing dispatcher in an emergency to act according to a predetermined plan, using previously recorded commands and orders. 3. For the organization of local public address at the various sites apply the system, shown in Fig. 3 Figure 3 Typically, these systems will be installed on local technological areas, which are located in large-scale production. In normal mode, the system plays the role of paging and has the ability to connect to offsite systems go. Should also be noted that in all these options a system for uninterrupted power supply, which is especially important in terms of reliability and reliability in the warning system.

Today we welcome the fact that the attitude to the problem of organization of warning systems in industrial plants and evaluation of benefits of using advanced digital solutions for the construction of such systems has radically changed. 2-3 years ago, business leaders often had to defer consideration of the possibility of purchasing communication equipment and solve more important issues of modernization of technological equipment. Currently, due to greater demands from regulatory authorities, it was the turn to take care of security compliance and enforcement accompanying processes of primary production. Investing in the warning system is justified. The first is increased efficiency and safety of personnel in the enterprise, increase efficiency awareness of safety rules with the threat or occurrence of emergencies. All of this leads to a warning or prevent the spread of dangerous phenomena, which allows significant savings in time and material resources.

It should be noted that the much-needed quality warning system for industrial production, until recently, been on the market several brands of imported (mainly German manufacturers) or obsolete domestic brands. Unfortunately, domestic equipment did not meet modern requirements, but it was more affordable, as opposed to imported counterparts, have all necessary parameters. In recent years the market has changed. There was a modern, meets all the requirements of domestic equipment, including explosion-proof. At Professional Services various industries the opportunity to use modern digital home equipment, which is not inferior to foreign analogs, and for some indicators, even superior. At the moment policies of many large enterprises is the acquisition of equipment, possibly manufactured in Russia. A significant advantage of such solutions is the availability of service centers in manufacturers who provide technical support during installation and operation of telecommunications systems. Ability to save budget of the enterprise and thus establish a modern equipment has great success. Demand for such alarm system is constantly increasing. With the rapid development of oil and gas industry in Russia develops and markets equipment, providing the effective functioning of the data industries. Technological equipment is now on the right has a strategic significance for modern industry: depends on it for granted as the starting material, the return on investment to creation, development or reconstruction of the production, corporate image, identity documents for compliance with international standards, safety for all employees.

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