As Of October 2009, Building Must Consume

With heat pumps the new rules the “EnEV” meet 2009 who is planning to build an own House after October 1, 2009, has become to the new energy saving Regulation (EnEV) set: 30 per cent of annual primary energy requirement must always be lower in new buildings for heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling as compared to the EnEV 2007 renewable energy sources, such as air/water heat pumps, the sensible alternative, inexpensive to heat and to meet this saving the Federal Government at the same time. According to German Energy Agency, heating and hot water with 87% belong to the biggest energy wasters in the budget. Technologies that use renewable energy, such as the Altherma air/water heat pump from DAIKIN, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient work and comply with the new construction requirements. Unlike fossil fuel furnaces use the energy existing in the ambient and transfer it to the heating of the living quarters and hot water at the desired temperature level. With the use of a controlled power inverters produce Air/water heat pumps of less than one-third of net energy 100% heat and save up to 50% energy costs and at the same time 50% CO2. An annual commercial energy kWh starting from 9.435, the share of renewable energy of air at the air/water heat pump Altherma is 70%. Oil burning value ovens, solar water heating are compared only to a proportion of 12% renewable energy (source: IE Leipzig and additional consideration Altherma).

When used in passive houses, using green electricity, even a 100% CO2 reduction is possible with heat pumps. In addition only so much as actually needed heat that also produced even at very low temperatures up to-20 c ensures at Altherma flexible inverter technology. The EnEV 2009 new regulations has created for the old building: greater structural measures on the building envelope be done by the dams walls or replacing Windows the new devices have a 30% better energetic value reached encouraged than ever before. Alternatively, the home refurbishers can ensure that the annual primary energy consumption of the whole building to 30% declines. Therefore, energy-saving heating is important also in the old building. The old heating system can easily be replaced by Altherma and the heat is still spread over the existing radiators.

Altherma LuviType air/water heat pumps are there for use in new construction from 8,500 euros including standard mounting and hot water tank, for the old building from 13,000 euros. The market incentive program of the Federal Ministry of environment, as well as various programmes of the KfW banking group supports the use of alternative heating systems including the new EnEV 2009. Finally, the installation of a heat pump is an investment in a building’s energy future and thanks to Daikin Altherma LuviType for each affordable. Refer to for more information about air/water heat pumps Daikin Altherma. Another text and image material, visit, press service. Press contact: modem conclusa public relations gmbh Jutastr. 5, 80636 Munich Maike Schafer, Tel. 089-746 308 37, UTI Johne, Tel: 089-746-308-33 DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH the DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH in Unterhaching near Munich employs over 130 people. It is a subsidiary of DAIKIN Europe N.V. and belongs to the DAIKIN Industries Ltd., headquartered in Japan. DAIKIN is the market leader in the split and VRV technology.

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