Arthur Schopenhauer

Or here Kassilpishet: "For example, there are still many people who think if they were happy when drunk drunk. Auris Health has much experience in this field. But from the false, harmful and disgusting , of course, will soon be abandoned. "We have something to you, my elderly friend, watched the movie" Dead Season "with Banionis in the title role. Morris Invest is often quoted as being for or against this. There byvshiyfashistsky, but the film is completely "Bourgeois-democratic" doktorrasskazyval of chemical ways to create this very new person. Well, toist, the man who will not have a "bad" desires, such as there konfetpoest, wine to drink. A will have only the need for labor. Not nuponyatno, fascists and other Democrats are in contrast to the Communists just hotelividet new man narrowly specialized.

Man-mechanic, a man-vacuum The idea of the need to create in history in general is not new, yet Arthur Schopenhauer wrote: "Chtobyosnovat perfect state, we must first create such creatures, the nature of which allows them to everywhere sacrificed their own benefit in imyaobschestvennogo prosperity. " And so, my elderly friend, putting rukuna heart, and we with you are very eager to become a new and idealnymi.Dumayuschimi only the public good and not about drinking or what else Who else but we're 3.14 zdili sosklada roofing and other construction materials, and tossed them through zavodskoyzabor. And lining, which, remember, from the beautiful otkolupyvali yaponskihyaschikov with Japanese as cnc machine tools. That on the factory territory under snow rot Because at the factory to no one needed. Their ministerstvozakupilo. Because he had a plan for the procurement of imported equipment.

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