Art From Africa! Peine In The Switzerland And Austria

The Jenors Africa trade shipping in peine, Lower Saxony, Germany is expanding in the Austrian and Swiss area. Since 1st September 2009, also African friends from Austria and Switzerland at the Jenors Africa trade shipping can be customer and take the full service of the company claim. Jenors Africa trade shipping distributes fair traded handicrafts from Kenya, South Africa and Namibia. (Not to be confused with Gary Kelly!). Due to the high demand from Central Europe to fair-trade crafts from Africa, Jenors Africa trade shipping, expanding after the operation was founded in March of this year, in the Switzerland and Austria. As a result, customers in these countries can now use the full range and the entire service of the niedersachsichen company. The increased demand is a growing trend in the field of residential decoration and before standing football to explain World Championship in South Africa. The shipping offer only fair trade products and supports social projects in Nairobi, Kenya.

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