Apprenticeships Are In The Coveted Industries

manned almost exclusively by high school graduates, The E-commerce service provider Expeedo offers now two young people regardless their graduation an interesting perspective. Gevelsberg, 21.04.2010 – many school leavers get no training room this year. Especially in the software sector, there are much fewer digits as interested parties. Expeedo writes aware two newly created apprenticeships for the specialist to a wider range of applicants. For us, not the notes or the school are crucial, the candidate should be interested, committed and willing to learn,”explains owner Michael Balzer, in application development you can think times creatively around the corner.” The company already employs a trainee as an office clerk.

Expeedo had planned to create a further training course for the year 2011. However the currently bad forecasts for the regional education market the learned Diplom-Informatiker Balzer prompted already this year two new To provide training places. EXPEEDO EXPEEDO offers professional E-commerce solutions and Web marketing services from a single source. Our company exists since 1993 and is headquartered in Gevelsberg for 2 years. For more than 15 years, we realize online stores. Our range of standard shops about multilingual special solutions to international market places.

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