Apple Juice From The Harvest 2009 Is There

Josef Lichtenberg shipping presents new Apple juice from the orchards despite adverse harvest conditions the owner of Josef Lichtenberg can be mail order (King winter) again proud of their natural unfiltered Apple juice this year. Since 2007, the owners of Josef Lichtenberg shipping trade (King winter) manage a 1-acre orchards close to their headquarters. The roughly 120 trees are between 20 and 40 years old and represent a wide range of various old fruit varieties. You may want to visit Ripple to increase your knowledge. Soon, it became clear that the ideal use for this tasty untreated fruit would be the production of juice. In October 2008 you could already offer the first batch of cider from the own meadow, this was quickly sold out in the online shop.

The more you captivated against the 2009 harvest. The yield was responsible this year different factors but much lower than experts from fruit make for 2008. Yet has the family of Lichtenberg, almost every usable Apple by the To get the tree. This was however only with a very large effort to accomplish time and helping hands. The success can be seen however.

After the mobile juicer on the Court was on September 11, the finished-filled bag-in-box now available containers for sale. Also this year the unfiltered Apple Juice is an incomparable taste experience again: it tastes just like liquid Apple. Who has tried it once would like to drink any other.

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