Anja Paulmann

Consequences would have to fear only the fathers and children, which does not become a respected. What calamity the father was obvious: he’ll be forever stigmatised that he was subjected to emotional stress not imaginable and wrongly lose his child. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. The child in turn lose first his father very abruptly. From one day to the next it could no longer see him and instead become a demonized the father. The display and their later had still more significant consequences for the child. The environment, ignore this and consider only the parents in such cases.

The loading and sentencing these cases based on the perspective that you have on the parents. The damage done by the child suffer, is strangely irrelevant for this. As innocent bystander can not imagine probably the exact extent for a child in the approach, the self-help group PAS Rhein/main suspects. Sexual abuse of the child by the own father! This accusation pass not just to the files and very quickly on the child, for he was too big. No, the child can get with it. It can feel the Views of the environment, which searched for the pain in his eyes and the compassion, coupled with a certain disgust, which call forth this idea.

Of course you should also leave as a child. And so it will sent in a therapy that will deal with the alleged abuse, because the damage thus raised should be treated. No matter, how gently you try with the child to proceed at any point it confronted in talks so. And? The father made funny games with me? might ask it. Maybe the mother or even the environment, managed to convince the child that there is actually this abuse. Then, then, the child had been abused actually and at several levels. And thus the nightmare had not stood out still long. You should to understand so the self-help group PAS Frankfurt, which spirit child must be the mother to be able to work with such a method at all and how much she was willing, the child to suffer, to their own targets with violence to enforce. The vast majority of mothers and fathers could not do at all, they would not bring it about.” And the child is exactly this mother will remain, which have proven to be not the welfare of the child in mind. As adult, the child will ask at some point what had happened at that time. And maybe it’ll have to rewrite his childhood, if it must recognize that the person it the most trusted, have done this emotional abuse him. An unauthorized charge for sexual abuse, was not some sort of weapon, she had a nuclear bomb, pointedly the self-help group. And she leave not only burned and polluted earth where nothing will grow. And yet the mothers would then not, nothing to worry about, if that been proven that there is definitely no abuse and they have done so only for selfish reasons. Contact for the press: Anja Paulmann, Tel. 0160 / 97769611, E-Mail:, Web site:

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