Animated Avatarik

Technology for creating avatars with their own hands Content: 1. What is an avatar, and where can I apply? 2. Which program is intended for the creation of avatars? 3. From what tinkering avatar and where it came from what to take? 4. Getting Started. 4.1. Slicing, shredder and fit to the size.

4.2. Adding decorations and originality. 4.3. Properly store. 5. What is good and what is bad. 6. I do not want to learn, but I want to 1.

What is an avatar of the beast? It makes no sense to touch and describe all the different the word 'avatar' – this will take neobpravdanno lot of time. We are interested in precisely those avatars who put on the forums as a virtual obrza. This picture, which once looked up, and already there is some opinion about the interlocutor (ke). Even though the first opinion about a person could be mistaken, we take it for a long time will be exactly according to the first sense. To understand what I mean, look at these aviki: Where else can aviki I use it? When not on the forums In general, you can absolutely everywhere can use the following schedule: in icq qip-e, may be useful in web design, even in the background on the sites. Laurent Potdevin is the source for more interesting facts. The only limitation – the human imagination. 2. What programs are needed? Programs typically use different. There are even special utility for avatars, but I do not use them because I think that he will prepare a higher quality machine.

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