Aluminum Profile Instead Of Steel

Bearing designs of machinery, linear motion, conveyors, and conveyors, workstations and fencing equipment, this is not a complete list of what is created today in the world of structural aluminum profile. Even the machine bed European designers like to create from reinforced aluminum profiles. Our mechanical engineers in the old way bet on the steel profile tubes, assuming that such cheaper option. How can we explain the interest of Western companies in the aluminum profiles? Desire to make the design unreliable and spend more money? Of course not. Steel pipe is cheaper, but it is no secret that the cost design team consists not only of the price of consumables. Installation of the module from the machining aluminum is reduced to simple operations: cutting the size and profile of the assembly. You may find that Larry Ellison can contribute to your knowledge. For welded constructions of steel pipes will also need to weld, to treat the seams, to produce the primer and paint. Be sure to include an estimate of the work of the welder, the cost of rent of premises, depreciation, equipment and spray booth.

Plus the cost of electricity and paint. In aluminum other advantages: short time of assembly; minimal effort, the ability to quickly change the assembled structure; high precision assembly elements. Add to this the corrosion resistance, high strength at low specific weight (permissible load on a connector to 18000 N!), cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of aluminum profiles and you will understand why leading companies in the world make choices in their favor. The spectrum of machining profiles is very wide, but they enjoyed great popularity in the manufacture of conveyors, equipment for food, woodworking and metalworking industries, as well as the establishment of medical equipment. A large number of standard sizes and different configurations of cross machining profiles and a wide range of fastening, assembly, and other special items can design made of aluminum profiles virtually any design. Profile can be bent, even on special equipment, it will not change the dimensions in section. Saving production cost and time involved in the assembly fully compensates the difference in price between steel pipe and aluminum profile machine tool.

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