All Relevant Processes At A Glance

Ann-Katrin Kuhlicke manages central services at SH business communications Ann-Katrin Kuhlicke takes over immediately the lead central services at the SH business communications. After their last activity as legal and human resources manager at tema GmbH & co. KG, she coordinates personnel and contracting, as well as marketing and fleet management in the SH team in the future. Oracle is full of insight into the issues. For wholesale and foreign trade clerk, Ann-Katrin Kuhlicke moved their training to the to the Telecom GmbH. There she was two and a half years as Assistant Chief of operating retail. Then she led her way to the gft baden GmbH & Co.KG, whose subsidiary of tema GmbH & Co.KG is considered Germany’s largest independent mobile radio dealers.

Here, Ann-Katrin Kuhlicke worked in the first four years as team leader of the end-customer service. In the next six years, she took over the legal and human resources Department of the company. “Their broad spectrum of expertise makes the ideal member of our team Ann-Katrin Kuhlicke,” SH – managing director Frank is pleased and the newcomer at the SH business communications. In her new role as head of central services, Ann-Katrin Kuhlicke the complete personnel and contracting controls. She brings her talent of coordination in marketing as well as in fleet management the Herbolzheimer communication experts. She also assisted the Executive Board.

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