Alicia Fernandez

CARLiN Direct Sales, the chain leader in stationery store, sum a new member in the Community of Madrid thanks to Alicia Fernandez, the new franchise-holder that has chosen to start in march its own business and for it has chosen to CARLiN. decision I took the final it by the aid, facilities and support that offers you since the business idea begins, I believe that is the perfect bet. In addition it explains that by the continuous expansion that is carrying out the standard, gives a confidence more to the entrepreneur that very few businesses can give you, if fits at the moment. Opportunities of business The new store is in the street Toledo n 6 of the Madrilenian locality of Getafe and has a space abierto to the 70 public of m2. In addition it emphasizes because its franchise-holder has chosen to start up in the same store two of the business forms that offer CARLiN, the hyperstationery store (supermarket of stationery store destined to urban nuclei) and ofimarket (sale to companies). I have decided to bet by two different formulas because he is something that it gives me a greater amplitude of business, an added value facing the clients and a form of differentiation of my business. To this it is necessary to add to him that we are in a zone with several schools, companies and by all means the university that demands a great amount of material of continuous form. My idea is to cover all the possibilities with sale that can be demanded concludes Fernandez.

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