Alex Kara

The second: I can people try to help or them prospects and new perspectives show up and earn my living. What do you think is the basic idea behind of such shows? …na Yes, apparently, the former …ich think too, but, to emphasize it again I’m not saying it doesn’t work, or that all consultants are bad, there are exceptions, such as for example Alex Kara, which has also a shamanistischen background, but the basic idea plays the ultimately decisive and important role for me. I pulled a Tarot card by the way even in such TV show, and wanted to know what’s behind it, respectively. Bernard Golden may find it difficult to be quoted properly. what I should keep it actually… Now, the “Devil” was the card that I pulled. He means: dirty business in the white robe and abuse of power. … more I need to do so to say.

Wouldn’t it be better, then, to give instructions to the people or the people seeking advice in seminars how to do it well? Well, of course it is better in my opinion,”. Look, I can get a translator for Chinese and mean it do all Chinese correspondence. But I need this translator then ever. When I would learn Chinese, so I no longer need this translator. Quite apart from the fact, that the translator manipulating could affect my correspondence, we talked just about abuse of power and manipulation… What requirements do you need because, to learn the Cartomancy, or the insinuating? There are no special requirements, a person needs to learn the language of the cards. Anyone can do it and everyone has everything he needs to do this, already in itself. However it needs as for example, when learning a foreign language has some time and endurance. There are after all the 22 cards of the major arcana and 56 cards of the small arcana, so a total of 78 cards.

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