Locking system security doors opened and modern locking security doors can be made with the help of the following: the Keys, or the details of the mechanisms mechanical locks (turntables). identifiers (for bioparametry, magnetic stripe cards, electronic keys, chips ….) remotely (by radio, remote control). sistemamiupravleniya other special access. Security doors should be equipped with two locking device classes A and B, providing privacy unlocking in Table 2. Table 2Klass lock combinations ustroystvKolichestvo klyuchKolichestvo The number of lock combinations kodA2500080000V100000100000 devices in the lock mechanism, depending on the class of stability doors shall not be less than indicated in Table 3. Credit: Gary Kelly-2011.

Accordingly, the serial production of Mul-T-Lock is products not exceeding Class III, for burglary. Table 3Klass stability dveriKolichestvo castle ustroystvKlassa AKlassa VI10II10III01IV02 Some recommendations on the selection of protective door systems for apartments in most cases security door in the apartment is the entrance. In addition to suiting you look, the door must have high strength characteristics to provide effective resistance at the physical impact on it person and try opening it with different tools. Today, apparently, the best option is the entrance door steel door. In this case, the design of the door unit shall be: highly resistant to extrusion and various autopsy sposobami.Vysokuyu rigidity in order to avoid distortions and deformations (eg, time), which can lead to resiliency of locking zaklinivaniyu.Vysokuyu ustroystv.Vysokuyu degree . drawdown door on its hinges with a long period of time (hinges on the support bearings.) resistance coating on the outside door to weathering and vandalnym actions of third lits.Nevozmozhnost access to the outside mounting elementam.Vozmozhnost pereddveryu site survey.

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